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On the main menu, press 5 to get to the instructions screen, and then type STUFF THIS (including the space). The phrase "FAIR MINDED WORDS!" will appear, followed by "USE THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON TO SORT THINGS OUT...". Now, when playing the game, press the right mouse button to scroll through the goodies you require :)

To switch the cheat off, do the same again, although you do get a chiding.

Desktop Hacker

This cheat is found in Jeffrey Lee's miscellaneous utilities. The instructions are:

Cheat for Oddball
Written by Dr. Feelgood and AjC

Made with CheatMod, part of Desktop Hacker from DoggySoft

 Alt+F - Remove Blocks (compete level)
 Alt+1 - Change goodie 1
 Alt+2 - Change goodie 2
 Alt+3 - Change goodie 3
 Alt+4 - Change goodie 4
 Alt+T - More time (for bonus level)

The goodie cheats cycle the held-goodie spots 1-4. Click select on the goodie-box to use/reset to 0.

It's all been tested and confirmed to work on an RPC700.

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