asylum | utilities

This page contains various utilities/other add ons for Asylum.

Various - by Jeffrey Lee

This zip file contains a few miscellaneous utilities for Asylum. They are:

  • StrongARM patches for versions 1 and 2 of Asylum. Probably won't work on the demos.
  • Obey files for easy backup/restore of your Asylum configuration files.
  • Three Asylum and one Oddball cheat; not extensively tested at present, although there have been problems getting them to work on Risc PCs. There's also a copy of the Idpermit file so you can access the Id level without completing Ego first.
  • New: New FastSpr module added; add this to earlier versions of Asylum to stop crashing problems when you complete a level.

For detailed instructions, read the !ReadMe file.

Download (11K).

New Asylum file icons - by Michael Drake

This zip file contains a new, hi-res file icon for Asylum, along with a small version. Simply copy !Sprites22 into the !Asylum application.

Download (1k).

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